Marquee Repair

I am very excited that we’re finally going to spruce up the marquee on the theater!  It’s needed work for awhile, but both my husband’s time to work on it, and funds have been short.  Fate intervened this summer though when the marquee was hit by some equipment during the road construction project.  It wasn’t a ton of damage, but it tipped the scale and made us feel like we had to finally redo the marquee.  I’m hesitant to use the word redo or update because our goal is for the marquee to look the same as it does now.  Just better.

My husband has spent every second of his spare time on the marquee this week.  He was up at 6:30 Saturday morning to start working before the sun was up, and is there again right now.  We’re lucky to be surrounded by great family and friends that are always willing to help out when we need it, so it hasn’t been a solo endeavor.  That of course helps with the workload, but also the feeling of intimidation when you’re staring down a project like the marquee.  It doesn’t look like much has been done yet, but they’ve removed the entire roof of the marquee, had the rods welded that hold up the sign, and started replacing the roof.


If everything goes as planned, and it always does with construction projects, the structure of the marquee & lights will be done before the snow flies.  He’ll paint it as soon as it’s warm enough next spring.  After that, I’d like to redo the bathrooms, and get replace the carpet.  Once that’s done, we’ll probably be ready to take a breather before the next set of projects.

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