About Us

The historic Strand Theater was constructed in 1927 on the former site of the fire department’s horse corral. Located in the center of Paw Paw, MI, the theater originally showed live performances by travelling acts before purchasing the equipment to feature motion pictures in 1930.

In more than 80 years of service to the community, The Strand has weathered economic downturns, disruptions in motion picture technology, and even the challenges posed by the occasional scarlet fever epidemic. For those interested in these historic events, some of the original documents from these eras are on display in the lobby.

The Theater has recently upgraded to high quality, Christie projection and Dolby sound processing equipment to provide the very best experience value to our patrons. Also, through the dedication of our talented staff, and strict adherence to the scientific method, we have created a process to produce unfathomably delicious popcorn; a level of culinary performance we refer to as “the best popcorn ever”.

About the owners:
Casey and Amy Sons, who reside in Paw Paw, purchased the Strand Theater in late 2010, one month before the birth of their daughter, Ila. They have since become completely consumed with the goal of providing an overall cinematic experience on par with the national chains at a discounted rate, breaking only to change diapers.

Thanks for your interest in our theater. Please stop in to say hello and let us know how we could better serve the community.

Enjoy the show!

If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you! Call us at (269) 657-2895 or send Amy an email at [email protected].